Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy to be Home

We made it home to a banner, pink ribbon and balloons. I was in and out of the bathroom sick for most of the plane ride home. So the 24 hour journey home was less than ideal. However, we all did manage to sleep the same 4 hours on our long flight home. We are Sooooo happy to be home and don't plan to travel internationally as a family for several years (maybe 10 or 15). It took us all a while to get over jet lag but, we are all settling in and getting into a routine.

Mia loves her new home. She especially likes all the new toys and the space. She has learned to crawl and is into everything. And I do mean everything. I do not remember Noah being this busy.

Nana a Poppa came through town for a couple days and brought the 100 wishes quilt. Mia loved the colors.

She has been a great eater. And seems to love ALL food (yes, she must be my daughter). Nana brought some sugar cookies. Mia could not get it all in her mouth fast enough.

It took Mia a while to get back on this time zone but, will sleep through the night again. Noah went back to school. He was happy to see his friends and get back to his life. However, he is very proud of his new sister. He loved showing her to his class, neighbors and friends at church.


Sooz said...

We are so glad your back in the states! Sorry you had a rough plane ride home. Its hard enough being sick at home, but thousands of miles plus being in a plane. Misery!
Mia looks so happy! Welcome home! We love you!

parkersmama said...

Ugh, sounds like a terrible ride home, but I'm glad you're all back safe and sound. Mia is such a cutie. She looks so happy. :)

Tom and Cindy said...

I am glad I found your blog. I hope you will be checking the comments. Malia is doing quite well adjusting. She has gained weight and walking now. We celebrated her first birthday middle of December.
It was an amazing experience. The McDonalds photo made me sorta sick feeling.LOL.
Much love
Cindy (one of the 'Grandmas' on the trip)

Ps. if you would like to see Rick and Jennifers blog it is: