Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy and Healthy

We had a nice morning with a great breakfast, some time in the playroom and a nap for Mia in her bed.

After lunch we loaded the bus and headed to Shamian Island for Mia's medical exam. It was quick and painless. She was 16.4 lbs and 29 inches.

We then had free time to shop and explore Shamian Island. We got Mia some squeeky shoes and a few clothes. Mark and Noah got some kind of Chinese flute to "share". You have to bargain for your prices so you never know if you are getting a good deal. The Island has beautiful architecture with lots of trees and of course is on the water. I wish we had more time so we may go back.

At 5:30 we loaded up the buses to head to a Cantonese restaurant for our farewell dinner. I know we are not leaving until Saturday but, one family is leaving early. We already had the bus. And it was dinner time. Well, my family is asleep. Tomorrow morning we will go to the park.


Erika said...

OH wonderful news! Gwenelise was 15.7 lbs so Mia is doing great! I've already said this but it needs to be said glow in your pictures and Mia and Noah are both such precious children. God is good...*hugs*

Sooz said...

That is a great picture of you, Noah, and Mia together. Glad she had a good report with the doctor and is all healthy!
We love you!

Tricia said...

Great news from the doctor!! Sounds like y'all are having fun together and enjoying exploring China. What a wonderful opportunity for you all. Missed you when I was in Nashville this weekend, but will hopefully get to see you when I am there for Dad's last Sunday. Love you all tons.....Tricia