Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another Great Day

Well, it was Mia's turn to wake everyone up at 4:00 am today. However, no one seemed to mind. It is just part of our routine. We had a nice morning relaxing in the room. Mia is getting a lot more active and playful. She likes to touch our faces which makes Noah laugh. She loves to make Noah laugh.

Around 10 our group headed out. Our guides took us to a porcelain shop. They said it was high quality porcelain at a reasonable price. Jiangxi province is known for its porcelain. Porcelain is different from pottery due to the temperature which it is fired. Pottery is fired at 800 to 1000 degrees where porcelain is fired at 1300 degrees. Before they had thermometers they would beat the fire and judge the temperature by the color of the fire. I guess that enables it to be thinner yet, still durable. You can judge the value of porcelain by how thin (thin as paper), transparent (when held to a light) and rings like a bell when you hit two pieces together in addition to it being hand made and hand painted. This area of the world was 1st known for its porcelain. It was called china and the country was then called China. I loved the store everything was beautiful.

We then headed to the people's park. It was a rainy day but we still got out and walked around. It is a beautiful park. I am sure we would have really enjoyed it on a sunny day.

We then headed back to the hotel for lunch and a little relaxing. Mark and Noah then went to the arcade while Mia took a nap. Mark said it was like the Beatles arriving in the US. The teenagers in the arcade treated Noah like a celebrity and all got their picture taken with him. We went to the same restaurant as yesterday but, ordered different dishes. Still delicious. Well, I am sleepy. Noah is asleep but, Mia is living the life. She has her Daddy pushing her up and down the hallway in her stroller. He just brought her in .... she is kicked back with one leg sticking out.


beachmonger said...

We have a new President.... Mr. Obama, your mother is happy you followed through....elections were acceptable on a local basis although we would have preferred the 1/4% sales tax would have passed in our county. My candidate got the third most votes of 5 in the Commisioners race and we have a female Governor, who supposedly will help us with money for beach nourishment. Also Congressman Jones who I have talked too about BN won his eighth term.

Tennessee needs a coach but Cutliffe says he is happy at Duke. Make sure Mia meets a gymnist or two. She can become a celebrity in USA like Noah is in China.

I remember when I was a boy we had a procleian china doll....maybe my sisterknows what happened to it?

Enjoy your vacation once you are home you will not have the time together which seems to be working extremely well.

Sooz said...

Mia looks all snuggly in her stroller. Despite the rain that is a beautiful park. Glad you are all having a great time together. Sounds like Mia may be a daddy's girl already.

Tricia said...

Sounds like Mia is settling into the family quite well, and I am not at all surprised to hear of Noah's celebrity. He is quite and engaging child!! :o) Glad y'all are enjoying your family time. Exciting times here with Obama's election!!! I'm inspired! :o) Can't wait 'til we can talk....
Love you all, Tricia

csmac said...

Your pictures and summary are wonderful. It is the highlight of my day! love, csmac