Sunday, November 9, 2008


Sorry, we did not post yesterday. It was a long day. We got up early to get packed up for our flight to Guangzhou. We had a lot of waiting around in the airport as we tried to get 38 adults, 7 kids and 17 babies checked in and through security. The flight was short and uneventful. Mia climbed around for a while then both Mia and Noah fell asleep. Then the ordeal began. We got our luggage off the baggage claim and someone in our group was missing a bag. Well we had checked all of our bags together---64 bags and we did not know the number on the missing bag. So we had to match every bag with every luggage stub. It was a nightmare. I think they finally found the bag back in Nanchang.

Everyone was tired and hungry but, we made it to our hotel and were pleasantly surprised. Traditionally most people adopting from China stay at the White Swan Hotel. It is on Shamian Island and there is suppose to be tons of great shopping close to the hotel. I was a little bit disappointed when I found out we were were staying at the China hotel and it is not on the Island. But, it is VERY NICE. It would be a good use of your Marriott points Dad. Amber and Emilie tradition fits with hotels improving along the journey. Actually our hotel in Beijing was fantastic. But, this is perfect except we have to pay for Internet and rent a stroller (both free in Nanchang).

We checked into our room and went to grab some quick lunch (there is a McDonald's next door and a Starbucks in our hotel)it was already 3:30 and we had to get Mia's visa picture taken at 4:00. I then went with some other people from our group to a grocery store to get us some water and a few snacks. We had dinner at one of the six restaurants in our hotel and went to bed.

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beachmonger said...

Missed your post yesterday but understand. Eager to see more pictures of the new city. Nice day here Mom is still busy at church but saw your blog early this AM. Titans play da Bears today and ESPN is breaking down the game....