Friday, November 7, 2008

Leaving Jiangxi

We all slept in this morning. In fact, Noah slept past 7. After breakfast Noah and Mark made a dash for the arcade. Noah wanted to cash in his tickets for a prize. He got a little notebook and came back and wrote all is favorite things about
China and the date.

We then all found the playroom in the hotel. Who knew? It figures we would find it on the last day. Anyway, they have a pool table, ping pong table and a big play area for babies. Mia hung out with a couple of her friends on the floor (see picture) while Noah, Mark and some of the other big kids played ping pong. It was a nice break from our room for another rainy day. After lunch I did a bunch of paperwork for Mia's immigration to the US. Mia and Mark took a nap and Noah played the Leapster (thanks LaNita). We then had a big birthday party. It was a little girl named Maia 1st birthday. A Dad and one of the siblings had birthdays earlier in the week. Our guides got a huge cake with the names of the three birthdays in the middle and all 17 babies names around the outside. The candle was really cool almost like a firework. By the way we hear fireworks all the time (I am sure you all know fireworks were invented in China). The birthday party was great. Our camera died but, everyone else took pictures so I am sure someone will e-mail them to me or post them on their Blog.

We ordered pizza to our room for dinner and I attempted to get packed. Our luggage has to be ready by 7:00 am. We should be in Guangzhou by lunchtime.


Tricia said...

Mia is so adorable. She has a beautiful smile. I can tell she is happy with her family! :o) Hope you have safe travels and enjoy your adventures in your next stop along the way. Can't wait to get you all back stateside, but sounds like you are learning lots, exploring and making the most of your time in China. What a wonderful opportunity!! :o)
Love you all - Tricia

Erika said...

Precious! That picture is just precious! Safe travels ~Erika

beachmonger said...

Enjoying photos and just printed four favorites out for showing to our Tuck reunion Italian supper in Wilmington tonight. Temp is high of 77 F today. Should finish our repairs adjuster came last night so maybe it will all get handled.
Sounds like more fun ahead hope the camera battery charger came get back we love the pictures.

Sooz said...

Love the picture of Mia. What a big beautiful smile!
Praying for traveling mercies for you all.