Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Good, the bad and the ugly

I am not sure if you can tell by this picture. But, Little Miss Mia got up with a bit of an attitude (and some bed head) today. The "you better not put me down", "why isn't my bottle ready?", "no, I am not eating This" attitude. It probably did not help that her brother woke her up before 5 am. He was awake at 4 and it was impossible to get him back to sleep and nearly impossible to keep him quiet. Oh, the joy of one room.

But look how cute they are ......

Noah took this one of the three of us. He was so proud. He did not do a bad job.

Our guides took us to the walking street today. It is a few blocks over from our hotel. We went exploring yesterday but, could not find much worth finding. It was soooooo nice to get out of the room. The walking street was great. There were tons of shops. It is also great that cars are not allowed on the street because you have not seen crazy driving until you have been to China. They do not stop, they do not stay in the lanes. In fact, we are having major problems figuring out when and how to cross the street. We really enjoyed looking around. However, we were a major attraction. Noah is a huge hit with the young (under 35) women. However, friendliness is not his middle name. Mark got really upset with him for not speaking. Noah has been dying to go to McDonalds since we got here. They do not have as many as KFC but, they have quite a few. Anyway he saw the sign on the walking street so we went for lunch. We had to point to the pictures. Mark and I pointed to a picture of what we thought was a chicken sandwich and held up two fingures. They only gave us one and it was fish (we think). It was 3 really thin fried pieces of fish with mayo and cucumbers. We shared which was fine. The kids meal had a chicken leg instead of nuggets and no toy. Mia had babyfood from a jar (it was not a hit either).

Here is the helpful big brother feeding his sister. I ended up taking Noah down to the lobby to play cards so Mia could take a nap. It did both of them some good.

This is a tabernacle outside of our resturant. We will get to visit on Thursday.

We went out to dinner as a large group tonight. It was wonderful. We have not been pleased with the food in Nanchang. Beijing was wonderful but, it seems like everything we have eating here is okay. Anyway tonight was FANTASTIC. Mark and I thought maybe we were just hungry. But, I think it was really good. Most of the food has been heavy. Lots of meat and cooked in oil. Tonight we had a lot of vegetables cooked different ways. Well, I better get to bed. They are all asleep as usual. Tomorrow, we are going to a park. (Hey, Valleypark... someone needs to e-mail me a picture of Olivia) Don't forget to vote.


Erika said...

The joy of my morning is seeing your family! I come downstairs, grab my tea, and can't wait to see the new pictures. Every day is such a treat. Gwenelise joins me at the computer saying "Baby Mia in China! There's Noah!"

So glad you're settled in Nanchang and doing well. You all look glowingly beautiful. What a special trip~Enjoy!

Tricia said...

Thank you for writing every day. I look forward to reading about your latest adventures after I get everyone off to school!! I'm so glad to hear Noah is doing so well. How wonderful for you all to have this time together. Sounds like Mia has a strong spirit - that will serve her well in life! :o) Hope you all get a good night's sleep. Love you, T

Sooz said...

We are enjoying the pictures and reading about your adventures in China. Thank you for taking the time each day to keep us posted. Mia seems to be adapting really well especially to her big brother.
Glad you finally had some good food and safe walking away from all those crazy cars!
We love you!

beachmonger said...

We have voted and been to Wilmington signed up for flu shots next Monday. Weather is cool. Won't be long until we see you....it is fun reading the adventure. Btw Noah's Cheetahs won Sunday only because I fixed his team....and I got to watch the entire Titan game it was good to see them win. I take partial credit as you recall I suggested the qb change during training camp.

Lynne said...

It is great to read your blog and see your beautiful family. Mia is a doll. Evelyn is sitting here with me and is excited to see Noah with his new baby sister. Safe travels home!
Lynne Trost

Raye said...

This is really a joy to be able to follow along on ya'lls journey. I was especially moved by your description on Gotcha Day. I have no doubt God's prescence was felt. Mia is precious; and the pictures of her and Noah are too cute. I am so happy for all of you. Mom and dad aren't up on blogging; so I'm filling them in. They are also very happy for you. I love you.