Monday, November 3, 2008

Thank you

I just read my e-mail. Thank you all for the wonderful messages about Mia. It means a lot to have such wonderful friends and family. Noah is doing great too. He loves her so much and wants to be with her at all times. We had a minor melt down this morning when we were trying to put her down for a nap. Other than that he has done great and been a real trooper through all the waiting around and paperwork.


Sooz said...

Ahhh Noah is being the best big brother ever. I forgot to mention in my last comment what a beautiful smile Mia has and it lights up her whole face.

Tricia said...

LOVE the pictures - and I am not suprised a bit that Noah is a great big brother!! Mia is adorable and I love to see the smiles on ALL of your faces. Can't wait to see you when you get home!!

RDMAC said...

I love hearing about everything. Thanks for the blog. I have put Mia's pic on my desktop at work. I can't wait to meet her.

ashley said...

Wonderful pictures! We cannot wait to meet Mia when you get back. Love all the smiles on your faces. This is clearly such a special time for your family.

Doug said...

Thanks for sharing this very special time of your life with all of us each day. Every morning I look forward to reading your daily notes and seeing your great pictures.
It appears that Mia loves her new family and especially her big brother!
We have all voted and will be watching the election returns tonight.
With love to all of you,
Aunt Grace