Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today we had our appointment with the American Consulate. Our guides actually took our paperwork over for us but, we had to stay in our rooms so they could call us if there was a problem. At 11:00 we were free to leave. We took a taxi back over to Shamian Island. We stopped at the famous White Swan hotel to take some photos.

This is Noah in the lobby. They have a pond with big fish.
And a great waterfall.

Here are the kiddos on the famous red couch. Most adoption groups stay at the White Swan and get a picture of all the babies on the red couch. Our group is kind of scattered today so we will just have to settle for these two cuties.

We had nice lunch at Lucy's restaurant. It is a restaurant owned by an Australian but, they serve a lot of American food. Mia stuck with chicken congee (one of her favorites) .
We then did a little shopping. However, Mia had another poop episode. It actually went though her pants and the carrier on to Noah's hand. He handled it quite well (brotherly love). We had quite a mess and of course I did not have extra clothes (I did not learn my lesson last time). Anyway since both my clothes and Mia's clothes were poopy we cut the shopping short and headed back to our hotel for a bath. There were a couple more things I wanted to buy but, nothing Earth shattering.
Tomorrow we have a free morning. At dinner we discussed our options of the zoo, a park, more shopping, or start packing. We will see what time everyone is up. Mia has a cold so we all may have it soon. In the afternoon we will take our oath and get Mia's visa to come home. I may not post tomorrow night if I am not packed up.
Our luggage will be picked up from our room at 5:00 am China time on Saturday. We arrive in Nashville in NW flight 651 at 4:12 pm Nashville time on Saturday. We can't wait.


Tricia said...

Sounds like you'll need to learn how to make congee. Although I'm sure Mia will LOVE your good "regular" cooking as well! We are all excited that y'all are coming home. Can't wait to SEE you soon!!

Love, Tricia

Sooz said...

I can't believe you'll be home Saturday! Its so exciting!