Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Great Staircase

We loved the Great Wall although it really should be called the great staircase. Noah was really excited he climbed up two huge sections (dragging his parents). He also made friends (at least enough to get his picture taken) with many of the locals. They like to touch his hair and all want to take his picture with their daughters.

It was after 6 before we got back to our room. We ordered room service but, both Mark and Noah were asleep before it got here. We have to be up by 4:00 am with our luggage being picked up at 4:15. We have an early flight to Nanchang but, will have Mia in our arms at 3:00.


Erika said...

What a great way to start my morning! SO happy to see you there! And, it's a 12 hour difference I think (I have no idea why I told you 8...maybe I was still sleeping..ha!) but you've probably already figured that out :-) We're so happy for you guys and LOVE the postings.

Tricia said...

How exciting! Looks like y'all are seeing some really neat stuff! SO glad Noah went too. :) What a great sport for eating with chopsticks! Can't wait to see the pics of y'all with Mia. It gives me chills just thinking about it!!

Love you all - Tricia

aggiehorn said...

YOU MADE IT!!! So happy to hear updates. I am overwhelmed with happiness and excitement for you all. Keep the updates coming. Won't be long now....Britt

Sooz said...

Woo my legs hurt looking at all those stairs! What a great moment for all of you though. Praying for your flight to Nanchang. We love you guys! I'm so glad you can keep us updated!