Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gotcha Day

Mark and I were awake at 2:00 this morning. We had to be ready and have our bags packed by 4:15 am. We both watched the clock all night. We had the 4:15 luggage pick up in order to make our 7:30 am flight to Nanchang. Yes, it is as crazy as it seems to have 50 plus people with luggage and passports get to the airport, checked in and through security.
We got to our hotel about 11 and settled in for and excruciting wait until 2:30 when we had to report to the meeting room on the 2nd floor. They had us review some papers then at 3:00 they brought the babies in one by one as they called each families name. It is a truly emotional experience to watch 17 families be handed their children. Even with babies crying and cameras flashing God's presence can be felt. It is a "thin place".
Mia was scared. She clung tight and whimpered a bit as we watched the other families and their new children. We were then all sent back to the room to "feed the babies" and come back down at 4:00 for paperwork. Mia cried and did not want a bottle. She was not really interested in any of the toys for more than initial curiosity. Nothing Noah could do could make her stop crying and he tried everything. We then brought out the sweet potato puffs. It was a miracle. (Thank you Erika). She stopped crying and started eating. She even calmed down enough to change her diaper and clothes. We then rushed back down stairs for paperwork. Well, I brought a bowl of cheerios instead of puffs which mildly entertained her as we started the paperwork. Then she started crying. Mark and I took turns with her as we got everything filled out and signed but, they sent us back up stairs to "feed her or something" before we could get our family photo or interview. The puffs worked again, the second bottle still did not. We went back down finished everything this time we took the puffs and she stayed calm. We came back up no more crying. We decided to go to dinner in the hotel restaurant. Mia did great she ate puffs and Con gee (I probably spelled that wrong) which is rice portage. However, when we all turned to look at Lily another Yi Feng baby Mia burst into tears again. Mark took her out of the restaurant and back up stairs where she calmed down quickly.
We then all got ready for bed. Both Mia and Noah were asleep by 7:15. What a wonderful day. We are truly blessed.


Erika said...

I'm crying and crying!! She's BEAUTIFUL-WONDERFUL-AMAZING. We're thinking of you on this very special day; what an amazing day it's been for you. Much love from us (big smiles, hugs and love) Erika, Philip, Lance and Gwenelise

beachmonger said...

We are happy Nana took the picture to church. btw sweet potatoes are very plentiful in North Carolina....but I am not sure how to turn them into puffs.


kady said...

So precious! TEars in our eyes. We are so thrilled for all of you... beyond words I am sure! Noak seems like the best big bro already!
Love, Kady Folk

rsmacartney said...

She's beautiful. Congratulations. I can't imagine how happy you must be after all that you've been through. Glad we finally got a girl in the family.


Tricia said...

I was in tears looking at the pictures and reading your note. (So much so that somehow I didn't end up posting the message I wrote this morning at 8 am!!) ANYWAY - we are beyond thrilled for all of you. God is so good!! We love you all - Tricia & family

Sooz said...

Mia is beautiful! This made all of us cry here in Arkansas. Its been such a long time waiting for her and now seeing you all hold her in your arms. It feels so complete. I'm so glad the sweet potato puffs worked to settle her down. Praying for all of you. We love you so much!

Doug said...

We have never seen the three of you look happier! All of us our thrilled that this day has come and we cannot wait to meet Mia too.
Hopefully you are all getting some much needed rest. With Love and Hugs to all of you. Aunt Grace and family